A Gift That Counts | Jack Friedman Jewellers

A lovely fine collection of bracelets that is perfect for a gift or even just to spoil yourself with.


Pearl and Butterfly Bracelet

Pearl and butterfly bracelet
The rose and yellow gold fine bracelet with disc and flower or heart motive punched out holds a small diamond to round off the look. This bracelet is a perfect gift for so many occasions.


Clover and Diamond Bracelet

Clover and diamond bracelet
Lovely for a wedding gift. Your bridesmaid will absolutely love this as she will always be wearing the special day she shared with you close to her and it will be a constant reminder of the many great moments you have shared together.


Heart Bracelet with Diamond

Heart Bracelet with diamond
Your wife or girlfriend will adore your thoughtfulness of coming home this Spring with a gift that says: Happy Spring day my love – you are truly the ray of sunshine of my day after a hard day at work.

The diamond on this bracelet is definitely a symbol of new hope, new beginnings and love as precious as a diamond.

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