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When deciding an Engagement Ring you will be spoilt for choice as there are many stunning styles to decide from. Jack Friedman has many styles to select from and each design has a different element to offer from the next. We explore the various engagement ring designs in this blog.


Solitaire Rings (the classic)

We’ll start with the most popular style, the Solitaire Engagement Ring. This type of ring has one main centre diamond and many love this style due to its simplicity and beauty. It is a timeless and truly classic design.

This style suits all hand types, from wide to delicate fingers and looks elegant with a white gold or platinum band. The solitaire focuses the attention on the centre diamond, which means that the best possible quality diamond should be selected.

Solitaire rings can also be set with a different shape diamond; princess, oval, marquise etc. An elongated diamond such as an Oval, Marquise or Emerald accentuates the length of the finger.

At Jack Friedman, we have created a range of stunning Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings to select from. The sophisticated design of our Solitaire Rings enables any wedding band to be worn with it, and the two rings will sit flush together. This means you will be spoilt for choice when deciding on the perfect wedding band to compliment your solitaire design.

Browse our stunning collections here and let us know what your favourite design is.

The most famous ring from this collection is our Kay. The Kay has a lot of significance to Jack Friedman, as this ring was named after the late Jack Friedman’s wife.

The next ring from the Solitaire collection is the very exquisite Instinct, which was designed to accentuate the diamond between the sculpted curves of the claws. It is an open setting which allows the flow of light to enter and brings the diamond to life. The instinct design was inspired by the sculptured female form.

We also have two unique solitaire rings which are our Scarlett and the Riviera. Both these rings are “twisted” in a special way.

The Scarlett has a very soft curve which adds detail to the design when the ring is rotated to admire all the sides. Even though this ring is slightly curved, it comes with a matching wedding band which hugs the Engagement Ring.

The Riviera is also curved however the claws were designed to make it look like the centre diamond is floating in the ring. This ring is perfect for those who prefer to wear one ring, that being the Engagement Ring. It is glamorous on its own to not need a wedding band.


Trilogy Ring (Triple Stone engagement ring)

The next type of style we would like to focus on is the Trilogy design. These rings are also known as a trinity or three stone engagement rings and normally has three main diamonds set together.

In most of our Trilogy Rings, the centre diamond is a little larger than the other two but you can also have the diamonds sized equally.

Trilogy rings are perfect for those who have either bony fingers, long fingers or the average hand.

We got very creative when we worked on this design and we concentrated on positioning and balance. We decided to set the side diamonds below the centre diamond which not only creates a never-ending flow of diamonds. This allows the light to bounce from the side diamonds and catch the centre diamond which creates so much more sparkle. This subtle design brings out the true brilliance in the diamonds.

We have three-well known rings from this collection. The one type has pear-shaped sides, the other trilliant shaped side diamonds and the final style has clusters of smaller diamonds on the sides.

We also have a fourth design which is not as well-known but is just as exquisite. In this ring the diamonds are floating in between the claws, the claws are interlocking and are very shiny creating the illusion of a hall of mirrors, so just imagine when the light catches the diamonds, the whole ring starts to glow.


Edwardian Engagement Rings styles

The Edwardian diamond rings are vintage yet elegant style. This type of Engagement Ring looks amazing on those with large hands, bony fingers or long fingers.

Edwardian designs entail intricate detailing and designs. We have put in a great amount of time into creating the perfect detail for the perfect ring which is why the Edwardian Collection is so special to us.

The detailed section is carefully handcrafted, and diamonds have been set into the detail of these rings to make them more noticeable.

Our Butterfly Edwardian and Heart Edwardian are really the most exquisite from our Edwardian range. The wonderful thing is you can combine white and rose gold in these rings and it makes them more interesting.

The Edwardian style of design in rings is still popular today.

Halo Engagement Rings styles

Everyone loves the Halo rings styles. This ring has a main centre diamond and is then surrounded by an outer circle of diamonds surrounding the centre diamond creating a halo. This ring is perfect for people with short or long fingers or someone with a large hand.

This ring comes in different shapes, the most popular one is the one with a round centre diamond. If your partner prefers something a little different the Halo designs come in different shapes such as the Princess Halo and the Pear-Shaped Halo. We have also recently brought out a new style of the halo ring which has a round centre diamond and is then surrounded by a cushion halo of diamonds which is perfect for the person who loves both round and other shapes of diamonds, this way they will have a combination of both.

We also have the Luce de Sol which was created for the 2019 SA Bachelor show and this ring was designed to give the halo design a totally different look. It has a lot of emotional significance as this halo ring is surrounded by an extra outer ring of diamonds to resemble the sun which shows your love will be the light wherever they go, and you will be there to guide them.

The wonderful feature of our Jack Friedman Halo Engagement Rings is that the diamonds are all set very close to each other which gives the illusion of one big diamond full of life and sparkle.

Dancing Light Engagement Rings (Multiple pave and broad style rings)

We have a collection named Dancing Light. These rings are perfect for those who prefer many diamonds. There are so many diamonds that when the light catches a design from our collection, there are little glittering sparkles all over the ring which looks like the diamonds are dancing around on your hand. These rings are a little broader than most to make sure that there is an overflow of diamonds. These rings compliment people with short fingers or large hands.

We also have a few different designs in this collection, each one is very unique and compliments the overall design. One of these rings is created in the form of a ribbon where the band is split but comes together putting the centre diamond in the spotlight. This type of ring will suit someone with large or average hands as well as someone with bony or long fingers.

We also have a diamond ring secured in a tube setting and this is really an exquisite ring because it has baguette diamonds along with the band and with two rows of round diamonds completing this design perfectly.

La Mer Engagement Rings

Another ring that has lots of diamonds is our La Mer Collection which was designed keeping in mind the waves of the ocean which we believe resembles the love a couple share which has no beginning or end like the ocean. This type of Engagement Ring compliments people with bony or long fingers.

The special u-shaped design of the claws looks like the waves and has an open setting to allow light to enter and brings out the fire glow in the diamonds. The open setting also allows for the diamonds to be admired from all angles and to show off the brilliance in the diamonds.

The La Mer Engagement rings come in a 3 Stone, 5 Stone and 7 Stone design. The amazing thing about the 3 Stone is that it can have two meanings, the waves of the ocean and never-ending love and it’s a Trilogy which represents the past, the present and the future.

Just remember that this ring will be the symbol of happiness in your future together. I hope learning a little about the different types of Engagement Rings has given you an idea of the perfect ring you want to symbolize the love you and your life partner share and has introduced you to a few of our rings which we really feel symbolizes a long-lasting love.

The fitting of a wedding band

One should always decide in advance if the engagement ring will be worn with a wedding band. All of the Jack Friedman designs can accommodate a seamless wedding band. These days a lot of couples opt not to have a separate wedding band. Often a separate wedding band is necessary for religious or spiritual reasons and should add to the overall appearance. If the wedding band does not add to the overall appearance it is not mandatory, and the value of the wedding band can be included in the Engagement ring.

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