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Find and buy your desired diamond by budget, cut, colour, and carat weight all online from us (or inquire about diamonds in store). By using the form below, you can let us know exactly what you are looking for and we will provide you with various options as well as the best quote on your diamond.

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Diamond Shapes

Diamond shapes and cuts

Everyone one of our diamonds purchased online (or diamonds ordered online and bought in store) are certified by the Gemological Institution of America (GIA). The GIA has the highest standard of diamond grading in the world and is the most respected diamond grading institute. Jack Friedman only uses the best.

Each certificate comes with a unique number that allows you to verify the diamond on the GIA’s website online as well as allows us to keep you on the database should you require any details regarding your stone.

Jack Friedman GIA certification for diamond purchases

The 4 C’s to choosing a diamond

The most important details to consider when buying a diamond are the 4c’s. This is the cut, clarity, carat, and color. On this page, we ensure you understand these factors and purchase the most perfect diamond for your engagement ring (or jewellery piece).


Colors are more easily shown in diamonds over 1 carat and fancy shapes.

  • D color: The best color, absolutely “colorless” grade, the best setting for this stone to be seen in is white gold platinum. Very rare.
  • E color: A “colorless”  diamond. Tracing color in these diamonds are sometimes challenging even to those that have been trained in grading.
  • F color: Another “colorless” grade. Slight color can be detected by a trained gemologist. At Jack Friedman we have a trained diamond grader able to grade diamonds.
  • G color: The highest “near-colorless” grade. When comparing to higher “colorless grades” one can easily pick up the different colors. Great value.
  • H color: “Near-colorless” grade, When comparing to higher “colorless grades” one can easily pick up the different colors. Great value for money. Great value.
  • I color: The last of  “near-colorless” grade, can be picked up to even an untrained eye. Great value.
  • J color: This color may also be detected to the untrained as well as the unaided eye.
  • K-Z color: Color is visible.


  • FL-IF: Flawless, no internal or external characteristics. Internally Flawless, may have minor surface blemishes only that do not penetrate the stone. Extremely rare.
  • VVS1-VVS2: Very, very slightly included. Difficult to see. Even with 10x magnification and to a trained eye.
  • VS1-VS2: Very slightly included. Becomes more noticeable under 10x magnification.
  • SI1-SI2: Slightly included. Inclusions are noticeable at 10x. Best value if eye-clean. SI2 inclusions could be picked up to the keen and unaided eye.

The Clarity’s below are not sold at Jack Friedman :

  • I1: Included. Diamonds have eye-visible inclusions. Some inclusions may be minor.
  • I2-I3: Included. Will likely have more obvious or distracting inclusions.

Carat (ct.)

The international unit of weight, used for measuring diamonds and gemstones. 1 carat is equal to 200 milligrams, or 0.2 grams.

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