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The Garnet Gemstone

The Garnet Ring from Jack Friedman

All those lucky enough to be in their second year of marriage or born in January have a wonderful stone to celebrate with.

The Garnet is the birthstone for January, which means that January babies have wonderful colours of Garnet to choose from! It is also the 2nd Anniversary Gemstone to celebrate the two years of love shared between a couple that can be represented by this stunning stone.

Fun facts

Garnet birthstone

  • Garnets are generally brownish red, also known as Merlot Wine red, and is mostly used for jewellery. Green garnets are known as Tsavorite garnets and those with a reddish pink colour are known as Rhodolite garnets. The very desirable Orange – Mandarine Garnets, are only mined in Africa.
  • African Countries are where Garnets are mostly found (Tanzania and Namibia being the most important modern sources). Other major places that they are found include: USA, Sri Lanka, South America, India, Brazil.

About Garnet Gemstone

The word garnet meaning “seed like” was derived from the Latin word “granatum” which largely refers to the Pomegranate Plant. Garnet is so named due to its significant colour reference to the pomegranate, whose seeds are similar to the Garnet crystals.

One can also find an unusual ‘colour change Garnet’, which is especially unique and rare. It is a very sought after gem due to its unique ability to change colours in different sources of light. A colour changing gem combined with a unique design will undoubtedly be a very exquisite piece in one’s jewellery collection.

Pomegranate fruit seeds

Folklore & myths

Your loved one will be happy to know that these are very passionate gemstones that inspires love and brings spirituality to relationships. Used to enhance sensuality, sexuality and intimacy.

The Garnet was said to give its wearer guidance in the night, allowing the wearer to see when others could not.

In ancient times red garnets were said to cure illness and was also believed to protect against nightmares.

History of the garnet

Egyptian gold and garnet serpent ring

  • The garnet has been around for more than 5,000 years with quite a history.
  • Jewellery set with garnets from Czechoslovakia were extremely popular in the nineteenth century and prized by Russian Royalty as well as the great Peter Carl Faberge.
  • Garnets have long been carried by travellers to protect against accidents far from home. In ancient Asia and the American South-West, garnets were used as bullets because the glowing red colour was said to increase the ferocity of a wound.
  • Used as early as the Egyptian era where jewellery was created and also enclosed with Pharaohs in their tombs, the Garnet would bring all of its mythical magic to them. Red garnet necklaces graced the Pharaohs of ancient.
  • The Crusaders believed Garnets would bring victory in battle the Crusaders and used them for protection against wounds.

Types and value

Holi garnet pink earrings
Red Garnet is the most common and widespread of the Garnet family. Green Garnet – Tsavorite, Orange Garnet – Manderine and Demantoid, formed similarly in nature to the red, only rarer as they need unusual rock chemistry and special conditions to form and are typically higher in value.


From our exquisite Holi rings, pendants and earrings to other bespoke jewellery, Jack Friedman has a wide selection of Garnet collections and we can easily customize any piece to meet our clients’ wishes. The colour availability for the Garnet ranges widely, which only assists us in increasing the level of unique designs possible.

Enquiries about the piece? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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