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The Official Symbol of Love on the Bachelor SA

The Bachelor - South Africa

On Valentine’s Day, February 14, viewers have their first date with South Africa’s very first Bachelor, Lee Thompson. The dashing entrepreneur, international model, philanthropist, and former Sharks rugby player will be laying his heart on the line in the hope of finding true love.

During his search for “the one” with whom he wants to spend the rest of his life, Lee will be charming 24 beautiful local lasses from diverse backgrounds. To help him is his quest, Lee will need a symbol of true love for his future wife, and when one thinks of love, South Africa’s most exquisite fine jewellery company comes to mind – Jack Friedman.

A Jack Friedman custom-designed engagement ring represents a promise and a future, a seal of the affection and commitment South Africa’s most eligible Bachelor wants to share with his future bride.

Says Jack Friedman company CEO, Howard Friedman: “Over many years in the business, I’ve developed a sixth sense that enables me to predict quite accurately whether a relationship will last. I recognize soulmates when I see them and, without fail, those couples stay together through thick and thin. The opposite, alas, is also true. If the magic isn’t there, I know it from the start. Soon enough one of them will be back to bring me some sad news and to hear if I’d buy back the ring.”

Howard, the proud father of two daughters, says of Lee: “He is any father-in-law’s dream; somebody who will to love, cherish and respect his wife, and treat her like a queen.”

Lee also impressed Howard with the effort and passion he put into the design of the ring. “He knew exactly what he wanted, and it was all about the emotion he wishes to express, or, as I prefer to call it, soul.”

The 24 ladies with a burning desire to find love on The Bachelor SA have yet to be announced. The Bachelor SA will be screened on M-Net 101 from Valentine’s Day, 14 February 2019.

Fans can visit www.mnet.tv/thebachelorsa and follow all the breaking news and conversations around the show on Twitter @MNet / #TheBachelorSA and on the official M-Net Facebook page. The Bachelor SA is produced by Rapid Blue and proudly sponsored by dotsure.co.za, a product of Oakhurst Insurance Company Limited (FSP 39925) and Oakhurst Life (FSP 44793), authorized financial services providers.

Jack Friedman is the official ring sponsor of The Bachelor SA. Jack Friedman designs and sells Engagement rings and Fine jewellery. Inquire on email or in-store.

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  1. Afternoon
    Please show me the bracelet that Mark gave to Jess.
    Can you show me a few pics, and let me know the prices please – delivered to Durban.

    Thank you
    Best regards
    Grant Adams. .

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The Palesa Crown

2014 - 2016

When Rolene Strauss, Miss South Africa 2014 (who became Miss World 2014), was announced at Sun City, she was crowned with a brand new glittering masterpiece worthy of her prestigious title. 

The team at Jack Friedman Jewellers wanted something that was both elegant and memorable. They decided to make the crown from platinum, one of the rarest elements in the earths crust, and synonymous with South Africa which accounts for 80 percent of world production. The precious metal in the Miss SA 2014 crown comes from Anglo American Platinum.

Miss South Africa 2014 - Miss World 2014

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A symbol of royalty the Enhle crown was an exquisite design by Jack Friedman. This pushed the boundaries of Jewellery design and we ensured that all the Miss South African woman who wear this crown feel and look like a queen.

Each name the Miss South Africa winners are engraved on the base.