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Three Shades of Blue

Did you know that the Blue Topaz comes in three exquisite shades of blue?

  • Sky Blue
  • London Blue
  • Swiss Blue

What are these three shades of blue?

Although they are all blue, they are definitely not the same. In fact, to the eye they could be identified as completely different Gem Stones! And yet are all members of the same family.

Sky Blue Topaz

The lightest shade of blue, it is pale and has the translucency of water. It is a gentle “powder” blue, reminiscent of impeccably clear ocean water on a tropical island. Whilst pale, the Gem has incredible brilliance and has a Blue shimmer when worn.

The name is “Sky Blue”, for the palest of the shades of Blue Topaz, however, we at Jack Friedman believe that the Sky Blue is far more appropriate to the Swiss Blue Topaz below. Sadly, the people who coined the term probably did not have the benefit of seeing the African Sky.

Swiss Blue Topaz

This is the most famous of the Blue Topaz’s.

Perfectly balanced lighting within this Topaz cause it to be a bright electric and incredibly intense blue. Imagine a summer day with a perfect clear sky – “The Big African Sky” – this is the colour of the Swiss Blue Topaz, and the main colour we at Jack Friedman select.

London Blue

This gemstone is the darkest of the Blue Topaz and is a more dramatically vivid blue and is also the most valuable of the three. We are uncertain where the name London Blue originates, however the colour leans towards a vivid Greyish Blue, perhaps inspired by the Mid Summer late evening London sky – – dramatic and dark.

Conclusion – Advice for the Gentleman

Instead of surprising your lady with your preference of the 3 shades, let her select.

  • Fistly, Blue is the colour that symbolises trust, therefore by implication she is saying “I trust You”? Maybe even implying I trust you so much that I am willing to be the mother of your children!
  • Secondly, What does her selection tell you about her personality and character? This is an incredibly valuable tool to determine if you see yourself in this lady’s life!

Blue birthstone variants
Sky Blue – This the gentlest of blues and implies an innocent and caring nature. This lady wants a man to take care and provide for her, and would be the perfect mother for your children!

Swiss Blue – This strong blue would be selected by the determined woman that is feisty and will be an equal partner in all her endeavors. She is outgoing, sporty and fun.

London Blue – This woman is confident and successful in her career and business. She is hardworking, trustworthy and knows what she wants.

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2014 - 2016

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