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Custom Design Fine Jewellery

Custom design fine jewellery with Jack Friedman

Jack Friedman is experts at creating jewellery envisioned by our clients. We custom create designs with only the imagination as the limitation.

Custom jewellery is Special

Much thought goes into custom jewellery. We understand the process and the intimacy in a design that you envisioned and spent time trying to create the perfect image to finally present in order to create the perfect piece.

We would love to share this experience with you and make your jewellery for you.

Hand Made

Our designs are expertly crafted by jewellers with year of experience and expertise. Each custom design goes through a strictly delicate process to ensure that the end result is nothing short of breathtaking.

Custom design your jewllery with Jack Friedman

Years of Experience

Since 1933 we have created countless amounts of uniquely made jewellery items for our clients. Over the years, we have collected a vast amount of knowledge on what works and what does not, due to this we understand the best practices and techniques to ensure that each custom design is not only magnificent but also long-lasting.

To get started on your design, please fill in your details below:


Your envisioned design will depend on the amount of time, metal, intricacy and gemstones you use.

Depending on the selection we can evaluate and provide an accurate quote. Every custom design has a unique price.

12 – 25 Days

Jack Friedman turn around times for custom designs are one of the quickest.

Please ensure your order is placed within a reasonable time to your proposal.

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