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Diamond Grading


In the olden days carob seeds was used to weigh diamonds (0.20 grams equals one carat).This is where the word “carat” that is used for the unit weight of a diamond originates from.

Diamond Sizes Diamond Grading


The GIA developed a scale to asses and classify the colour of a diamond from D-Z with D being “Exceptionally White” and Z being a “Tinted Colour”.

Diamond Colour Diamond Grading


The cut of a diamond is essential to its luster and brilliance and only applies to round diamonds.

Diamond Cut Diamond Grading


Inclusions are natural imperfections or “birthmarks” in a diamond.A 10x magnification is used to compile the ranking of the clarity on the GIA scale.

Diamond Clarity Diamond Grading

Jack Friedman only sells conflict-free diamonds.

A Jack Friedman diamond is accompanied by a GIA, DIA, EGL or Jewellery Council of SA certificate.

The four C”s apply to diamonds presented in this catalogue weighing more than 0.20ct.

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