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What to look for


The bands of our rings are carefully calibrated to be a minimum thickness of 1.4mm, which ensures the durability of our rings.

Ring Thickness


Our pave’ diamond setting is crafted with the minimum spacing between diamonds using four beads on each stone for the securest setting. This complicated technique maximizes the brilliance of the smaller diamonds.

Diamond Pave


Our diamond grader hand selects the smaller diamonds that are at least an H (white ) colour and have the finest brilliance. We do not use diamonds that have a brownish or other tints. This ensures that every Jack Friedman piece will maintain its value and beauty.

Diamond Grader


Our diamond grader hand selects the finest cut of diamond and will never use inferior cuts or ‘chips’. therefore all our diamonds have the ideal proportions which ensure the scintillation of your diamond.

Diamond Cut


The claw setting holding the diamonds in place is crafted to perfection ensuring that they don’t snag on fabrics, as well as guaranteeing the security of the diamond.

Ring Claws


Every diamond sold is issued with its own certificate, which shows the diamond’s weight, proportions, colour, cut and finish. It is signed by a Gemological Laboratory.

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