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At Jack Friedman, we only use natural and ethical diamonds. We do not create our jewellery by using synthetic or cultured diamonds. Whilst these are very beautiful and there is little to no visual difference, we want our clients to purchase jewellery that has lasting value.

The difference between Natural diamonds and Cultured Diamonds.

Natural diamonds appreciate in value whereas man-made, or lab-produced diamonds do not and have no intrinsic value as these were made up in a fraction of the time by man. Natural diamonds have been formed by nature over many, many years.

It is our prediction that the synthetic diamonds will have no resale value, and one of the benefits of purchasing good jewellery is that it is a “store of value”. The cost of synthetic diamonds is relatively high – a 1ct diamond will still cost R15,000 to R20,000, but immediately on purchase will have a Zero resale value in the trade. i.e: you lose the purchase consideration immediately.

If purchasers of synthetic diamonds decide that they would like to upgrade at a later stage or resell their diamonds, there is no value in the trade.

5ct Ring from Jack Friedman

5.02ct Center Diamond with 0.86ct smaller diamonds. Ring from Jack Friedman. All natural diamonds.

Jack Friedman’s source of Diamonds

Blood diamonds are a serious matter and we believe that diamonds must be sourced ethically and not have any bad trails.

At Jack Friedman, we only source our diamonds from South Africa and we only buy diamonds from reputable mines. We also have a certified chain from mine to market. This means we can send you an image of the rough diamond and another image once the diamond has been polished.
Our diamonds also come with an internationally recognized certificate of origin to ensure that our diamonds don’t come with blood links or negative connotations.

As a result of the introduction of synthetic diamonds into the market, it is our advice that all diamonds in future have laser inscriptions to identify the Certification and Natural origin of the diamond.

Diamond Heart with South African flag Jack Friedman

Jack Friedman only sources diamonds locally (South Africa) .

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