Palesa Crown Made For Miss South Africa | Jack Friedman Jewellers

A platinum masterpiece created by leading South African jewellers Jack Friedman

The PALESA crown for the Miss South Africa was unveiled in 2014 at the Jack Friedman Sandton City store.

When Rolene Strauss, Miss South Africa 2014 (who became Miss World 2014), was announced at Sun City, she was crowned with a brand new glittering masterpiece worthy of her prestigious title. Liesl Laurie also had the privilege of being crowned with the extraordinary Palesa crown.

Sun International, long-time licence holder of the Miss SA competition, has unveiled a magnificent, modern platinum crown especially created for the dazzling occasion by Jack Friedman Jewellers.

The crown is synonymous with beauty pageants and the Miss South Africa organisers decided that a new headpiece had to be created for the new look and revamped Miss SA pageant.

The team at Jack Friedman Jewellers wanted something that was both elegant and memorable. They decided to make the crown from platinum, one of the rarest elements in the earths crust, and synonymous with South Africa which accounts for 80 percent of world production. The precious metal in the Miss SA 2014 crown comes from Anglo American Platinum.

Working with pageant designer, fashion guru Malcolm Kluk, the Jack Friedman team took inspiration from the natural beauty of indigenous South African flowers and traditional patterns to create the new simple and striking crown.

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