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The Bachelor SA Ring

The Bachelor Ring is designed by Jack Friedman in conjunction with Lee Thompson. Lee wanted Jack Friedman to create a unique design that would symbolize unity, eternal love and happiness.

the-bachelor engagement ring from Jack Friedman

The design was made with Lee’s words in mind. The two sides that “embrace” the centre Halo symbolise this lady and Lee coming together to form one family.

The name for this design is “Luce de Sol” – Light of the sun – or Rays of light from the sun – as closer inspection of the ring will showcase the diamonds surrounding the centre diamond have the appearance of Sun Rays.

Why Jack Friedman?

Jack Friedman has always prided ourselves on the custom designed rings we have made. Our jewellers are award-winning with exquisite talent and have the highest passion for jewellery design.

When the opportunity to showcase our exquisite designs and master craftsmanship came about through South Africa’s very first Bachelor, we knew no one could be the better “ring man” to Lee. It was an honour and a very pleasant experience to invite him into our stores, to find out more about what he wanted, and to learn as much as possible to best assist him in creating the ring that he would present to the woman of his dreams.

The Bachelor Ring details

The ring is made in 18ct Platinum, has an engraving in Lee’s handwriting on the inside with a special message and is completed with 45 diamonds with a total weight 1.44ct. The total value of the ring is R132 000. In the images below you can see the engraving and an original sketch of the ring.

Bachelor ring engraving

The engraving on Lee’s ring is in his very own handwriting.

bachelor ring sketch

This is a sketch of the engraving ring before it was created. This sketch was created in whilst Lee had his consultation with Jack Friedman.

Like this design? You can order your very own ring in a design that is similar from us.

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