The Miss South Africa Enhle Crown | Jack Friedman Jewellers

As a main feature we used the infinity sign to symbolize the enormity and ongoing nature of her roll as Miss South Africa.

The three main stones are Sugilite also called Luvulite (sold as the stone of love) This gorgeous stone is mostly purple and most often associated with royalty. The deposits of this unique translucent violet stones come from South Africa. The mine where these specific stones were mined is in a town called Hotazel in the Northern Cape. This violet crystal has a highly protective and healing property. One of Miss SA’s privileges is to assist in the healing of our nation and its people and this stone will protect her in doing so.

Next to the Sugilites in the top row of stones we used Amethyst, a stone that works in the emotional, physical and spiritual planes to provide calm, balance, patience and peace. This will assist her in her roll as Miss SA as a role model to the youth to exhibit appropriate behavior and a positive attitude.

The rest of the stones used in the crown are faceted white quartz crystals. We chose these as we would love our Miss SA to be able to wear her well deserved crown while travelling, attending prominent events and for everyday smaller functions without the fear of potentially losing a stone.

We then decided to bind these wonderful stones together by a triangle like shape, which are stacked in layers, not a flat surface, with alternating layers paved with stones leaving a gap in between the layers. These trinities represented by the triangle shapes are power, intellect and love.

The crown was made from silver. Silver is the metal of the moon. Like the moon and water, silver is reflective and used to mirror the soul. The bottom of the crown forms a full circle that will have an cushion like inner that will adjust according to head width and allow for Miss SA to wear her hair up or down comfortably. A triangle like pattern with soft rounded edges was engraved in this space to soften the look and break the flat surface.

Furthermore the entire crown has a milgrain finish on the edges of the metal to soften the appearance and round of the look.

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