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Custom Design A Wedding Ring

Custom design a wedding ring with Jack Friedman

The wedding ring that will compliment and complete your ring set is particularly a very special ring and ring choice. Sometimes finding the perfect wedding band is challenging, luckily at Jack Friedman we can custom design your wedding band.

We offer clients a unique design or elements of their design an option to create a wedding ring that will be truly unique to them. Our professional staff will ensure it meets every aspect of your desire, from the metal to the shape, size, diamonds and any intricate design.

Find out more about creating your own wedding ring below :

Custom wedding rings with Jack Friedman

The process for a custom wedding ring?


Fill in the form below


Choose your ideal design


Quote is given to you for approval


Diamond selection and metal selection


Design process is implemented and approved


Wedding ring is delivered to you

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Each personally designed wedding ring has its own cost. The cost will vary according to the choice of metal, the diamond size, the design complexity and a few other factors. We will provide you with a quote on any design you present or would like to make. Find out how.

12 – 25 Days

Our turn around time for our custom engagement design is between 12 and 25 days.

Please ensure your order is placed within a reasonable time to your proposal.

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