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Engrave Your Ring

Engrave your wedding ring

Make your ring even more special with an engraving from your loved one on either the inside or the outside of your ring. Jack Friedman uses the latest engraving technology to ensure that whatever inscription you decide to have is there for as long as the ring lasts.

Almost any item of jewellery can be engraved as well as almost any design. You can engrave initials, images, record your partner’s voice or even engrave your partner’s fingerprint. Please consult ahead of your engraving for additional details.

2 notes before engraving your gorgeous rings:

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Ensure the ring is cleaned and sized correctly prior to your engraving. At Jack Friedman, we do ensure that these services are completed so that when you get your jewellery back it not only has a personal message but looks amazing.

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2) The complexity of Engravings differs and therefore take a different amount of time completing. If your special day is coming up and you need your wedding band engraved soon please consult with us to ensure you have enough time to get the engraving onto your ring or jewellery.

Gents specialised engraving on the outside of the ring

Specialised engraving (the outside of the ring)

No, it cannot. Our Engravings are made into the metal. Only deep scratches and long-time bumps and thumps will remove the engraving. For the most part of life your engraving will stay on your ring.
No, it will not. Engravings are simply etching into the metal or burning onto the surface. These can be removed and do not decrease the value of your engagement ring or jewellery. You do not have to worry, they simply increase the value of the sentimentality of it.
You certainly can. These are most precious and with a sentimental engraving it makes the engagement ring even more so close to ones heart.
Just like your engagement ring you can also engrave your wedding ring. Many couples choose to engrave their wedding rings.
Jack Friedman collects the ring from any of its branches and sends it to our personal factory for engraving work. You can submit your ring to any of our branches that is closest to you. Pleas visit our contact us page to see which branch is the closest.
The cost varies according to the intricacy of your design. We can engrave anything from fingerprints to letter words and some images. Please contact us with your design for an accurate quote on the cost of engraving or designs.

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