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Choosing an engagement ring is one of the happiest and most anticipated moments of a couple’s life together. A very important and often overlooked part of ring selection is the gemstone that will get set into the design. Entering a jewellery store can initially be overwhelming, however being well informed will assist you in this experience & the celebration of your commitment.

Here are some guidelines on selecting the best gemstone for your engagement ring:

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Deciding on which gemstone to use in your ring…

A great place to start your decision process is with the Mohs(pronounced MOZE) hardness scale. This brings the significant variety of available gemstones down quite a bit. When thinking about the many options of gemstones for your engagement ring, you want a gemstone that will last not only a lifetime but one that will be passed down through generations.

How the MOHS scale will help you decide.

In the jewellery industry, we use the MOHS hardness scale to measure gemstones for hardness and durability.  We only recommend gemstones that have a hardness scale of 7 and above.  A diamond is a 10, making it the most suitable stone for wearing every day.

Another option is tanzanite, which is a 6.5 on the hardness scale.  While it’s hard and durable, it is prone to chipping as it’s a brittle stone. The emerald is not easily scratched and has a 7.5 on the hardness scale. It has natural inclusions which does make it prone to chipping.  Tourmaline 7.5 comes in pink and green.  Using a red or green garnet, which is also a hard stone at 7.5, is a good option for a green gemstone.

The gemstones that aren’t necessarily suitable for engagement rings can be set in a pendant or a pair of earrings where they get no hard wear and tear.  They have incredible colour, brilliance and sparkle that will store value.


The colours…

Recent years have shown an increase in coloured stones being set into engagement rings.

If one has one’s heart set on having a different colour stone for your engagement ring, we recommend corundum. Corundum is the name of the mineral that the gemstone sapphire and ruby both belong. Sapphire comes in every colour of the rainbow, except red. As soon as corundum or sapphire becomes red, it’s known as a ruby.  Making the ruby and sapphire part of the same gemstone family.  Corundum on the Mohs scale is 9.0.

Diamonds too have different grades of colour as well as a variety of intensities. Diamonds are primarily shades of white to yellow, however, diamond-like sapphires come in many different colours. These are most suitable for engagement rings based on their hardness, sizes and variety of colour.

Shapes of gemstones and what to use.

The classic round cut diamond is the most popular for engagement rings. Gemstones and diamonds come in many shapes and sizes, however, there has been an increase in alternative diamond shape selections for engagement rings as well as other gemstones.

In our opinion, elongated shapes are ideal for rings because the finger is a linear object.  An oval, rectangle or marquise shape accentuates the length of the finger and makes an ideal engagement ring.

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Why we recommend the diamond for your engagement ring…

There is a very good reason why diamonds are the most popular gemstones used in engagement rings. Diamonds are at a 10 on the hardness scale and there are many options. You’ve got all the different grades of colour; you can even go for the fancy yellow colour diamonds.

Laboratory diamond vs a Natural diamond in rings.

If you compare laboratory-grown diamonds versus natural diamonds particularly when it comes to selecting one for your engagement ring or wedding ring, the latter is definitely the better option. It has undergone a process of millions of years that makes your diamond one of a kind.  In our environmentally conscious society, some believe that diamonds grown in laboratories are better, however, to make these artificial stones, the process uses extreme amounts of energy and electricity over short periods of time, which negatively impact the environment.


Having broadened your knowledge about choosing the best possible stone for your engagement ring, love and our skill of crafting your ideal ring will result in the perfect masterpiece.

Choose a gemstone that will mean something to your relationship or something that will make the final choice more personal.

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