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Jack Friedman

Engagement Rings

Our Engagement rings collections embrace Romance, Beauty & sparkling Diamond Brilliance. Each ring is delicately created by skilled craftsmanship to ensure that our engagement ring designs are simply breathtaking.

We provide multiple styles ranging from the Halo Engagement Ring Collection to the Solitaire Collection, if you are looking for a custom designed Engagement Ring we have it!

The Kay - Our Signature Engagement Ring

Named after Jack Friedman’s wife Kay Friedman who encouraged and supported his dreams.

Edwardian Engagement Rings

The Edwardian collection is particularly close to our hearts as most of the designs were sketched and crafted by Jack himself but never put into production in his lifetime. Howard, his grandson discovered these carvings and sketches when moving from our Rosebank workshop and started manufacturing these exquisite ring designs. He has in the interim expanded the collection in honour of Jack.

Halo Engagement Rings

Our Halo engagement style is one style that has taken many years to design to perfection. Many elements impact the setting of a halo engagement ring and these elements are important to receive the most brilliant sparkles and biggest halo appearance from the Diamond. Our Halo style engagement rings are particularly the best of its kind.

La Mer Engagement Rings

The La Mer Collection is a gorgeously sensual design inspired by the waves of the ocean.

Dancing Light Engagement Rings

The Dancing light collection flaunts brilliant-cut diamonds & creates dancing lights of sparkles on your ring. This collection is home to the most beautiful Broad Engagement rings. All broad rings have been crafted by our skilled craftsmanship to put emphasis on the centre diamond(s) and brilliantly flaunt the stones on display. The smaller diamonds gives a classy contrast to the overall look of the ring design.

Trilogy Engagement Rings

The Trilogy collection was designed to symbolise The Past, The Present and The Future. This collection signifies that you see your true love as part of your life forever.

Galaxy Engagement Rings

The galaxy collection is generous with diamonds and therefore exudes only beauty. We envision this collection as having the universe on your finger and found inspirations from the immensely spectacular night skies. The diamonds flicker like the stars in this diamond ring collection.

Infinity Engagement Rings

After being commissioned to design and manufacture the Miss South Africa Enhle crown with the infinity sign as the main feature to show the enormity and ongoing nature of her role, Jack Friedman designed the Infinity Collection as an extension of the crown. A very romantic design symbolizing two should be joined for infinity.

Scarlett Engagement Rings

The Scarlett is named after Scarlett O’Hara, the character played by Vivien Leigh in the 1940 film, Gone with the Wind, a favourite of Jack and Kay Friedman.

Instinct Engagement Rings

The highest level of engineering has gone into the creation of the Instinct setting to allow an infinite number of wedding bands to fit flush while the appearance of your diamond is evident from every angle. The design portrays strong classic features while expressing feminine sexiness.

The Pear Diamond Scarlett Engagement Ring

Marisia Van Wyk was gifted this engagement ring from Marc Buckner on The Bachelor SA. The Scarlett is a graceful and refined design with a slight twist.

The Instinct Diamond Engagement Ring

The highest level of engineering went into the creation of The Instinct Engagement Ring, the design portrays strong classic features while expressing feminine sexiness.

The Oval Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

This design makes a powerful fashion statement and is a total eye-catcher. This ring has an ultra-modern design and was chosen by Rolene Strauss, Miss World 2014 as her engagement ring. 

The Round Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Our Halo style engagement ring is designed to perfection. This engagement ring is designed to show off the most brilliant sparkles and biggest halo appearance from your Diamond.

The Kay Diamond Engagement Ring

The Kay is not only known as one of the finest solitaires in South Africa but worldwide. The ring of perfection comes to mind when describing The Kay design, making it a timeless engagement ring one hundred years from now.

The Three Stone La Mer Trilogy Diamond Engagement Ring

The Trilogy collection was designed to symbolise The Past, The Present and The Future. The seamless u-shaped claw design allows the flow of light to travel through the diamonds and is symbolic of how your love has no beginning or end.