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Matching the Perfect Pearls

Pearl Jewellery Collection - Jack Friedman

Jack Friedman searches through thousands and thousands of pearls to find the perfect match. This takes a great eye as no two pearls are the same. There are three factors that you need to consider when matching the perfect pearls for pearl jewellery. At Jack Friedman we take each of these factors into consideration when matching the perfect freshwater pearls for necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets. 

Firstly, measuring the the size of the pearls with a measuring gauge identifies whether there are size similarities. To find two perfectly matched pearls the height and width have to be exactly the same or as close as possible.

The next important detail to look at is the pearl colour. There are many shades of white, therefore, when finding two that match perfectly its extremely valuable. There are also ranges of pinks, greys, purples, greens, chocolate, blues, champagne and lavender pearls for you to choose from.

Lastly and most importantly when identifying the perfect pearl jewellery, the luster plays a huge role. The luster represents how much shine a pearl has and at Jack Friedman we only provide customers with pearls that have the deepest luster.
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The Palesa Crown

2014 - 2016

When Rolene Strauss, Miss South Africa 2014 (who became Miss World 2014), was announced at Sun City, she was crowned with a brand new glittering masterpiece worthy of her prestigious title. 

The team at Jack Friedman Jewellers wanted something that was both elegant and memorable. They decided to make the crown from platinum, one of the rarest elements in the earths crust, and synonymous with South Africa which accounts for 80 percent of world production. The precious metal in the Miss SA 2014 crown comes from Anglo American Platinum.

Miss South Africa 2014 - Miss World 2014

The Enhle Crown

2016 - 2018

A symbol of royalty the Enhle crown was an exquisite design by Jack Friedman. This pushed the boundaries of Jewellery design and we ensured that all the Miss South African woman who wear this crown feel and look like a queen.

Each name the Miss South Africa winners are engraved on the base.