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Our Engagement Rings

Our Engagement ring collections embrace Romance, Beauty & sparkling Diamond Brilliance. Each ring is delicately created by skilled craftsmanship to ensure that our engagement ring designs are simply breathtaking.

Our Engagement Rings

Our Engagement ring collections embrace Romance, Beauty & sparkling Diamond Brilliance. Each ring is delicately created by skilled craftsmanship to ensure that our engagement ring designs are simply breathtaking.

Solitaire Engagement Rings

A classic diamond ring design, the Solitaire ring is truly the universal symbol of love. The question, however, remains: “Where do I find the perfect diamond solitaire rings?”. We travelled the world as our quest to design the most amazing collection of solitaire engagement rings that in every accolade of design compliments the diamond’s fire and brilliance, is visually attractive and comfortably embraces your finger.
Therefore, without a doubt, you will find the finest solitaire collection in the world at Jack Friedman.

Halo Engagement Ring Collection

Our Halo Engagement collections radiate with sparkle and light. A crown of diamonds is intricately set onto a frame surrounding your center diamond. The diamonds around the center stone add brilliant sparkles and enlarge the diamond. This design is the brilliance of a Halo style engagement ring. If the classic Halo ring isn’t quite “it” for you, contact us to put together your desired and ideal preferences. Get in touch today.

Dancing Light Engagement Ring Collection

The Dancing light collection flaunts brilliant cut diamonds & creates dancing lights of sparkles on your ring. This collection is home to the most beautiful Broad Engagement rings. All broad rings have been crafted by our skilled craftsmanship to put emphasis on the centre diamond(s) and brilliantly flaunt the stones on display. The smaller diamonds gives a classy contrast to the overall look of the ring design.

Edwardian Engagement Ring Collection

Jack Friedman is celebrated for their handcrafted designs that clearly evokes the glamour of the Edwardian period. The Edwardian diamond engagement rings collection is particularly close to our hearts as most of the designs were sketched and crafted by Jack himself but never put into production in his lifetime. Howard, his grandson discovered these carvings and sketches when moving from our Rosebank workshop and started manufacturing these exquisite ring designs. He has in the interim expanded the collection in honour of Jack. You’ll find the Edwardian engagement rings in store or here below:

Infinity Engagement Ring Collection

Our Infinity engagement rings collection is designed with the thoughts of two individual people in mind who are becoming one to share infinite love and life together. An infinity design in the rings is always present due to our excellent craftsmanship that enables us to create the infinity. Infinity rings are a very romantic design symbolising two who join for life. Jack Friedman has also been commissioned to design and manufacture the Miss South Africa Enhle crown with the infinity sign as the main feature.

La Mer Engagement Ring Collection

The La Mer Collection is a gorgeously sensual design inspired by the waves of the ocean. The seamless u-shaped claw design allows the flow of light to travel through the diamonds and is symbolic of how your love has no beginning or end. The collection allows for an exquisite completion with a matching wedding band – The La Mer eternity. Our La Mer is set in 1 Stone, 3 Stone, 5 Stone and 7 Stone Diamond rings.

Multiple Stone Engagement Rings

The Kay Engagement Ring Collection

A design that is just as sentimental as it is exquisite in jewellery engineering. We present to you our signature – The Kay diamond Engagement Ring. The most researched engagement ring in our collections and the most perfect design is the kay Engagement ring.

Pave Engagement Rings

Galaxy Collection

When it comes to love do not settle for anything less than magical! The galaxy Engagement ring is a collection generous with diamonds and therefore exudes only beauty. We envision this collection as having the universe on your finger and found inspirations from the immensely spectacular night skies. The diamonds flicker like the stars in this diamond ring collection. The galaxy engagement ring is a ring to adore.

Trilogy Engagement Ring Collection

Say “I love you” with a diamond engagement ring from the Trilogy Collection. Balance is the secret to the success of the trilogy ring. A timeless and elegant design.


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